Obstetrics Care

Obstetrics Care | Detroit MI | Warren MIWe provide comprehensive obstetrical care from preconception to postpartum. Our experienced doctors provide general obstetric services to guide women through each and every step of their pregnancy, ensuring proper growth and development, as well as a successful delivery. Our facilities are fully equipped with the most advanced technology and equipment to make your pregnancy as simple as possible.

During your pregnancy, you will visit your doctor on a regular basis for physical examinations, blood tests and ultrasounds in order to monitor the growth and development of your baby. We will discuss options for the delivery process, and work with you to ensure that labor and delivery is comfortable and stress-free. Postpartum care is also available to help women become acclimated to the new experience of motherhood

Preconception Counseling

When a couple decides they are ready to start planning a family, before they even begin trying to get pregnant, it can be very helpful to schedule a preconception counseling appointment with an obstetrician. The doctor will require information about health and family medical history as well as lifestyle and habits of both partners. Any medications currently being taken and alcohol and tobacco use will be discussed. Honesty is essential, as this can enable the doctor to determine whether there are any issues that might potentially be harmful to the mother or baby during pregnancy.

If anything in the couple's background indicates a recommendation for genetic screening, these options will be explained. Vaccinations may be needed for some patients and an outline is provided for precautions to take to reduce the risk of certain birth defects. The doctor will prescribe or recommend a prenatal vitamin to take daily, beginning before conception and continuing during pregnancy. Aside from other beneficial nutrients, prenatal vitamins contain folic acid, which has been proven to prevent neural tube defects. The doctor may also make suggestions as to the patient's nutritional needs and safely exercising during pregnancy.

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